Literature and cinema text webinars and face to face sessions

1. Webinars for teachers-analytical writing on set texts and films

French A level webinars

The end of another year, a new style of webinar for summer 2022. Still on analytical writing for the essay aimed at specific titles but now in two sections, the first on developing the analytical skills and the second specifically on the very detailed writing of the essay in real time -capture demonstrating what is going on in the writer's head.

          Webinars for summer 2022   - analytical writing and writing the essay itself - £50                                                                                                                                                 

Tuesday 7th June-Boule de Suif et autres contes de guerre

Wednesday 8th June-Un long dimanche de fiançailles

Thursday 9th June-Un sac de billes

Monday 13th June-L'étranger

Tuesday 14th June-No et moi

Friday 8th July-Bonjour Tristesse

Monday 11th July-La haine

Tuesday 12th July-Au revoir les enfants

Wednesday 13th July-Entre les murs

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