About dolanguages and how to subscribe

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Annual subscription charge

We  have now introduced a yearly subscription to the whole site www.dolanguages.com  to encourage more flexibility in the way we operate and to simplify the process for schools.   We would also like to introduce a new level of interaction with our users so that we can have essay marking zoom sessions, more collaboration and better coverage of titles for which there may not be full dedicated resources we have produced ourselves.  

Users of attitudes French have been contacted separately and will need to use the alevelfrench.com site.  Emails have been sent out but if you are in this category, please email me for details on how to access on dolanguagesalevel@gmail.com

For the moment we're using much of the front page to show what you get for your subscription.   This will diminish and be replaced by more interactive propositions.  There will be a request list to which you can add for particular resources.  

You can subscribe to just one language but it is much more advantageous to subscribe to the whole site.   Purchase your annual subscriptions below using a card/paypal or send me an order request by email with purchase order number if neccesary.