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6. L'auberge espagnole

l'auberge espagnole

Reasons to study this film


With its cast of attractive young people engaged in what people do when they go to university, living in "co-location", coming on to each other, discovering the nuances of sexuality and most importantly having fun, this film is guaranteed to please for at least the first sitting.   For all its easy charm and humour many interesting topics are covered within the film so it lends itself to discussion.  If not used as the final film to study it could be a good "trainer" film for discussing film techniques etc.

The interest of the film

Xavier is invited to meet a friend of his father who can help him get a plum job if he learns Spanish, so anxious not to turn down this offer he signs up to the Erasmus scheme the aim of which is to give a more European perspective to the EU's young.   Leaving behind his beautiful young girlfriend he is interviewed by the co-locataires of a flat in Barcelona where his (and our) views of national stereotypes, sexuality and power relationships are challenged.   Klapisch uses all the recently developed techniques made possible by digital technology to create a film which is light and cheerful, full of amusing (or annoying!) special effects.   

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L'auberge espaghone