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14. Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei

die fetten jahre sind vorbei

Reasons to study this work

This film is a good vehicle for discussing the way the modern western world functions  and the role the individual has in making it a better place to live in.

The interest of the work

West Germany in the 60's was a hotbed of radicalism with demonstrations and terrorist attacks by highly politicized activists being a regular phenomenon.   In this film, idealistic friends Jan and Peter team up with the aim of doing their bit to demonstrate to rich "capitalists" that they will not always have things their own way.  Their raids on rich people's homes are designed to unsettle.  However things get out of hand when Jule, who has a genuine grievance against a millionaire who has ruined her life, trashes his house, going beyond the normal limits the group imposes on itself.

In the unintended dénouement the young people are forced to examine the way they think about themselves and their view of revolution.  

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Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei