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5. Como agua para chocolate

Como agua para chocolate

Reasons to study this film

An action packed novel that is popular with young people .

The interest of the novel

Never a dull moment in Esquivel's passionate, very atmospheric novel. The story traces the life of Tita de la Garza from the age of fifteen - born on the kitchen table, Tita's life is centred around cooking.  It is presented in twelve chapters, each allocated a month and each preceded by a Mexican recipe, which will play a central role in the coming events.

Set on the Mexican-US border in a period of upheaval, the novel demonstrates the power of love to overcome barriers, as young Tita is forbidden from marrying the love of her life, Pedro who instead is pushed towards her sister Rosaura.  The novel employs magical realism to blend the supernatural with the ordinary - the food Tita cooks conspires to influence dramatically key events.

In brief, the novel is rich in themes (i.e. self-growth), worthy of study, and very accessible to students, despite its length.

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Como agua par chocolate