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8. Le blé en herbe

le ble en herbe

Reasons to study the work

Le blé en herbe was a very controversial work in its day due to the  sexual nature of the content of the novel although it will be interesting for literary inclined modern young people to see to what extent an author would cloak sensual experience in discrete and subtle linguistic euphemism.

The interest of the work

Colette was a prolific author whose first work was written at the turn of the 19th century under the tutelage of her first husband. The author lived a life as worthy of note as many of the more risqué stars of today and was never far from courting controversy.

Phil and Vinca's families have been sharing a holiday home in Britanny since the children were very young. As they reach adolescence Phil and Vinca are becoming attracted to each other and both see a certain inevitability in their eventual marriage. However, teenage hormones being what they are the summer in question is full of challenge for both young people following the arrival of the exotic Madame Dalleray at the villa near the village.

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le ble en herbe